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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The 9th PA Firefly Festival Wrap-up


The PA Firefly Festival & Events have concluded for the season.  The weather cooperated and the fireflies were in abundance for  both the Friday and Saturday night events.  The Glow & Know Campout campers were also able to watch and identify synchronous fireflies and several others at each of the 3 campouts earlier in June.  We had just the right number of people at each event.  

At the festival, exhibitors from Bucknell University, Chapman State Park, Pennsylvania DCNR Forestry, Mass Audubon Firefly Watch and PA Firefly Festival provided interesting displays for the visitors to look at while check-in was happening.  Everyone enjoyed the music by Matt Miskie, and learned a lot from Don Salvatore's presentation "The Secret Lives of Fireflies" before the firefly walks and viewing began after dusk.  

At dusk, volunteer guides led small groups of people along the Tionesta Creek to observe "Chinese Lanterns" and then the groups were combined to go to the bleachers in the camp in the forest to view the "Synchronous Light Show".  Matt Miskie once again provided a serenade and Jeffrey Calta used the Bluetooth Audio system to provide the interpretive firefly talk to listeners using the wireless earpieces.  It made for a calm and relaxing encounter with the audience AND the fireflies.  

This year as we emerged from the constraints of the COVID19 pandemic, we decided to take the opportunity to reboot, and refocus our attention on the conservation through firefly education.  It worked.  Going forward, the PA Firefly Festival and Glow & Know Campouts will continue to emphasize education and quality experience over the crowds and extraneous festivities.  

Thank you to the PAFF Board of Directors Jeffrey Calta, Ken Butler, Peggy Butler, Sarah Lower, Matt Miskie, Sam Butler, and Jennifer Moore; expert presenter Don Salvatore; the volunteers Louise Salvatore, Patricia Calta, Rod Daum, Kay McKenna, Joe Butler, Tara Nadeau, Kara Lederer, and Summer Cogis for all the hard work not only at the festival but through out the year.  

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