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Monday, July 6, 2020

Post Festival and World Firefly Day Thoughts

Once again, we at PA Firefly Festival (PAFF) have learned a lot from experiencing this "new normal" while going through the pandemic this summer.  We hope you had a chance to enjoy the firefly season in your backyards this year as much as we did.  We also learned very quickly how to creatively use technology in spite of the bandwidth limitations here in the forest.  You can still view the Virtual Stay-At-Home PA Firefly Festival on our Youtube channel.  Those videos will remain there at least until December.   Also, if you didn't get a chance to tune in that day on the Live Music on Facebook by Matt Miskie, treat yourself to a private concert.  He's an amazing talent and added a lot to both the virtual experience as a contributor to the soundtracks in the videos, as well as live music to the folks here that afternoon and those watching fireflies that night.  So, thanks again to Matt.

The fireflies also seemed to enjoy their furlough and absence of a crush of people in the forest.  We still have a lot of fireflies in the area even as the synchronous season is waning with the Full Buck Moon.  We will be watching and monitoring.  The PAFF Summer Research Intern, Ms. Valerie Kuppek from Dickinson College is continuing her work on the Kellettville waterways survey through July, and analyzing the data she's collected.  She will have a report to share by fall that should help us in future years to come.

There is one thing for sure, change is inevitable.  We never expected that a novel virus would interrupt our lives so much this year, and that many of the plans which were so painstakingly made and anticipated would be eliminated.  However, we also learned there's  A LOT we can do without, that less is more, simplicity is better, and peace and quiet is a treasure often taken for granted in this age (which fireflies already know). We are committed to our mission, and we will focus on the experience rather than numbers.  Your support and interest in fireflies are appreciated.  With your help and cooperation, PAFF will endeavor to protect the fireflies and conserve their habitat for your enjoyment and the generations to come.

Until next year, #GlowAtHome2020.
Photos by Peggy Butler, 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020

Virtual Stay-At-Home PA Firefly Festival

The FREE Virtual Stay-At-Home PA Firefly Festival will take place online on Saturday, June 27.    Starting at 6 pm EDST, go to our website pafireflyevents.org, Facebook or Youtube channel to get connected to the playlists.  You will be able to view video presentations from firefly experts and enjoy the art and music that would have been happening at our live in-person festival.  We are also going to share some videos of virtual firefly walks/viewing including safety tips and “Firefly Friendly Etiquette”.  Here's a list of what you will see that day. 
  • Art After Dark presented through a grant by the Elk County Council on the Arts and Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts
    • Art After Dark virtual art exhibition with Music by Matt Miskie and Lighted Stained Glass creations by Jeffrey Calta
    • Link to Ibiyinka Alao, United Nations Ambassador of Art, author and producer of the animated film, “My Fireflies”

  • Firefly Experts video
    • Sara Lewis, PhD, Tufts University,  “Firefly Myths” from her 2017 PAFF presentation
    • Don Salvatore, Firefly Watch Citizen Science Project , “Secret Lives of Fireflies” from his Boston Museum of Science presentation
    • Valerie Kuppek, 2020 PAFF Summer Research Intern, Local firefly science and monitoring
    • And more...

  • Virtual Firefly Walks
    • Peggy Butler, Video from PAFF board member and firefly walk guide, 
    • Radim Schreiber, FireflyExperience.org, macro photography and videography of fireflies in the Allegheny National Forest area
  • 2020 T-shirts
    • The t-shirts are a fundraiser for PAFF
Click Here to buy or make a donation

We know it’s hard to miss out on the “real thing” this firefly season.  We hope viewing this online experience brings you some sense of the wonder, joy and HOPE this little light-in-the-forest holds for us all.  We look forward to the years ahead when we can enjoy them together in-person.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

2020 Revised PA Firefly Interpretive Programs and Camp Outs and the Virtual Stay-At-Home PA Firefly Festival

In light of the lifting of restrictions in our area by Governor Wolf, the PA Firefly Festival has decided to offer some limited firefly viewing programs this June. We feel confident that we can follow the CDC guidelines and safely provide limited viewing opportunities and restricted educational programs. Therefore, we are releasing the revised schedule with links to registrations. Be aware that attendance is limited to 25 participants or less to minimize health risks and environmental impacts. Physical distancing of at least 6 feet will be respected at all events. Masks will be encouraged but not required.

By registering, participants assume responsibility for any and all risk due to possible exposure to COVID-19. Anyone with a fever or who presents with other obvious symptoms will be asked to withdraw from events. Please DO NOT register if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks.

This announcement DOES NOT apply to the 8th Annual PA Firefly Festival. All daytime activities have been cancelled. We are still planning to host a Virtual STAY-AT-HOME Online Festival. You will still be able to enjoy some video, music and slideshow presentations by firefly and forest experts from your computer or smart devices in the comfort and safety of your home. We will be posting and hopefully streaming this on June 27 on our Youtube Channel, Facebook and Instagram pages. Stay tuned to our website for more details.
The 2020 PAFF T-shirt will be available through Custom Ink starting June 1.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The 8th Annual PA Firefly Festival and all Seasonal Firefly Events for the 2020 season are cancelled. But wait… there’s an alternative to the in-person festival and firefly guided tours.  This year, we will present a Virtual Stay-at-Home PA Firefly Festival.  
Using today’s technology, we can still celebrate the joy of the firefly season and continue to educate the public to the best of our ability during this time of social distancing. Some of the scheduled 2020 firefly experts and artists will now participate in a virtual way.  In other words, they will submit photos, videos and slide show presentations which will appear on our website pafireflyevents.org, and our PAFF YouTube Channel, Instagram and/or Facebook pages on June 27th.
The 2020 Virtual PAFF is still a celebration of the joy of fireflies.  With the support of the Forest County Tourism Grant and VisitPAGo.com, we are urging folks to STAY HOME, and take advantage of all of our Social Media and online information to learn about the fireflies in their own backyards.  You can also participate in the science of fireflies by becoming a “Firefly Watcher” on the Firefly Watch Citizen Science Project at the massaudubon.org website. You would be contributing greatly to the world-wide database and helping to advance the science of fireflies.  The virtual Art After Dark sponsored by the Elk County Council of the Arts and Pennsylvania Partners of Art, will feature a presentation by the United Nations Ambassador of Art, Mr.  Ibiyinka Alao, photos and video by world-renowned photographer Radim Schreiber and original music by Pennsylvania’s favorite troubadour, Matt Miskie. Of course, you will be able to order our popular PAFF t-shirts online, designed by Amalia Tonsor, and donations will be accepted through PayPal to help with costs and future festivals.
During the firefly season, we will continue to monitor and conduct our summer research here in Kellettville and throughout Western PA.  Ms. Valerie Kuppek, a rising Senior in Biology from Dickinson College, is our Summer Research Intern. She will be monitoring our local fireflies, and helping to produce a Virtual Firefly Walk once the Synchronous Firefly season begins here in June. We hope to stream, or at least post, the videos online, and we hope you will be able to "catch" the fireflies from the safety and comfort of your home at your convenience.
While we held out hope for this summer as long as we could, we feel strongly this is the right decision.  Our priority is the health and safety of our community and the public. We stress using the “Firefly Etiquette” protocol we have developed over the years.  We hope you will consider your actions or behavior and how it affects everyone including fireflies. We hope to be back in 2021 stronger and better for the experience.

Friday, March 27, 2020

New Website Address

Please take note: We have made a change to the website address, or URL, to better reflect the broad scope of Pennsylvania Firefly Festival's current and future mission.  The new domain is pafireflyevents.org.  We believe this change is more descriptive of the numerous firefly events we offer throughout Forest County and across Pennsylvania each firefly season.  So, reset your bookmarks. You can still find us on Facebook, Twitter and follow this blogspot with all the same links as you did before or email us at pafireflyfestival@gmail.com for more information.

We are optimistically continuing are plans for June firefly events and the festival.  So, STAY HOME, for now, so we can see you in June!